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Brand: Sri Ram Samridhi pharmaceutical

Product Description: HELPS ONE TO LIVE with enough “SrsZyme” providing needy ENZYME. “SrsZyme” is a true Appetite-Stimulant, and a digestive tonic. Ensures full UTILISATION of nourishing food. Very important for people with a feeble digestion, weak nervous system and regularly constipated, with complications of neuro-gastritis, hyper- acidity or hypo-acidity, high B.P. with associated ailments and particularly for those in old age suffering from lack of energy to clear bowels easily, and without any exertion. It is a Natural “Intestinal-flush” too. Most of the common ailments crop up from the digestive failures. Lack of bulk intake, irregular habits of living causing dryness in the system, excess of heat in the body, are some of the causes, which need the supplement of “MultiZyme” in day to day diet and not merely as a medicine. This will help balanced diet to a great extent. “MultiZyme” stimulates the NATURAL enzyme secretions, with a special accent on digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Helps absorption and assimilation of food, and ensures elimination process. When assimilation and elimination processes are perfect, there is hardly any room for any AILMENT or ILL-HEALTH. Helps to keep the GUTTER-CLEAN.

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