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Brand: Sri Ram Samridhi pharmaceutical

Product Description: Gynaecure™ Syrup is a well-known uterine tonic. It is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine manufactured For Sri ram Samridhi Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Nawabagnj It helps in restoration of physical and physiological well-being and complete gynecological care. Mode of action of Gynae-cure Syrup: It controls excessive bleeding. Regulates menstrual cycle It alleviates the uterine pain during menstruation. It eases the distress and discomfort during menstrual cycle. Helps in hormonal regulation Helps to correct the disorders of endometrial lining Indication of Gynae-cure Syrup: Menorrhagia Metrorrhagia Dysmenorrhea Dysfunctional uterine bleeding Dosage of Gynae-cure Syrup: 10-15 ml thrice daily

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